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  • The other thing I wanted to mention is reel cleaning to get your reels prepped for 2015. If you guys have any baitcasters or push button reels that need a little TLC I will be cleaning reels for $10/reel. This includes complete break down and re-lube. I can also do simple repairs, bearing upgrades, and drag upgrades. For more details please email ARW.Fishing@gmail.com
    3 hours 34 minutes ago
  • I just wanted to take a second and thank all of you that came out and participated and helped out at the 2014 challenges. Everything went smoothly this year, and that takes a big group effort. I have enjoyed putting these events together for the last 3 years, and I continue to do so in 2015. I hope that everyone enjoyed them, and learned something along the way. Stay safe and see you next year!
    3 hours 38 minutes ago
    steakified fluke, you've done a great job so far. Keep up the good work.
    1 hours 41 minutes ago
  • topwater shared a photo in the topwater's Photos album
    Just missed the bonus with this one at the challenge today. I got it with 15 minutes left to fish. It was a great day fishing with you guys and I look forward to next season.
    steakified Nice fish! Actually would have needed 2 aces...:)
    1 hours 41 minutes ago
  • BEPKA shared a photo in the BEPKA's Photos album
    Aidan got surprised when he hooked this giant 14 inch Crappie from Panfish Park in Glen Ellyn. He returned him home and hopes to catch him again someday.
    SoonerBass Whaaatt? I used to live two blocks from that park and thought it was just full of stunted bluegill!
    20 hours 40 minutes ago
    2 days ago
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  • Darkstar72 is friends with matsfan
  • Sending the email this morning. Fell asleep early last night. My apologies
    2 days ago
  • If you guys don't receive an email from me tonight please call or text me at 815-600-3548
    3 days ago
  • We still have a couple of spots left...emails are going out tonight! Sign up on the right hand side of this page or send your username, real name, email and phone number to ARW.Fishing@gmail.com
    3 days ago
  • DA BASS LIFE Shirts will be made and shipped soon! YEA!!
    4 days ago
  • Here is the list of competitors for the final DA Challenge of the year! This will be for this Sunday..the 19th. We have room for (6) more people. Sign up if you haven't already...or if you don't see your name, shoot me an email at ARW.Fishing@gmail.com
    5 days ago
    gznuts I'm so jealous, I really wanted to do this one, have fun fellas!
    3 days ago
  • JC1Crappie commented on the photo my first mirror carp!
    pretty soon he will be setting up a tank so he can catch fantails with staples and mini boillies.
    6 days ago
  • JTC24 shared 3 photos in the 10/12/14 album
    View Location 6 days ago
    Darkstar72 Great catching JTC!!!
    6 days ago
  • JC1Crappie shared a video.
    Castaway Quickie #1

    Frosty morning in October. light bite but I got a quickie.

    you gotta love quickies
    7 days ago
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  • pondboy shared a photo in the pondboy's Photos album
    my first mirror carp!
    1 week ago
    JC1Crappie pretty soon he will be setting up a tank so he can catch fantails with staples and mini boillies.
    6 days ago
  • Going fishing >> Bears Game
    1 week ago
    JC1Crappie I can't stand the TV guys. I'd rather listen on the radio.
    7 days ago
  • redhook62 shared a photo in the redhook62's Photos album
    This one was 21"and a great fighter. Almost lost it in thick shoreline weeds. Bps Texas shad Egg, 8lb mono.
    1 week ago
    SoonerBass Very healthy looking bass, nice thick tail!
    4 days ago
  • HERE IT IS! The FINAL CHALLENGE of 2014 and it's going to be a good one.
    1 week ago

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